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Richard I. Boaz


With deep experience in both the banking industry and scientific communities, Boaz Consultancy also offers a wide range of general computer consulting services of benefit to those whose computer infrastructure and subordinate data systems are of key importance. Providing project management; functional and technical specifications writing; application architecture and design; development and implementation; systems integration, connectivity and interfacing; Boaz Consultancy is strategically poised to help its clients and their projects result in success.More


Boaz Consultancy offers various consulting services of particular interest to the Banking sector. Whether the need is for advice, project design and management, custom application design and implementation, or any other relevant requirement where previous experience is key, Boaz Consultancy delivers.More


In addition, scientific and research oriented consulting services are offered. Specifically, design and implementation of analytical systems aiding the scientist in furthering the understanding of our world and our place in it.More